William Kattrup
15 year-old hotshot programmer



Hello, World. I am a 15-year-old boy from Denmark. I have a passion for programming and magic with computers. I have been programming since I was 8 years old, where I started programming computer games. 8 years later, I know dozens of languages, and I have created several popular applications, games and more. I have been taken computer science classes at Harvard Online University and the Technical University of Denmark, at an age of only 15.

I spend a lot of my computer time researching Artificial Intelligence. I've created things such as: small multicellular organisms with artificial brains with neural networks getting smarter by evolution, and a machine learning algorithm programmed to diagnose whether a breast cancer tumor is benign or malignant based on big datasets. Apps are also a growing passion of mine. I've made a lot of apps including Unicorn Jungle which is one of the most popular danish-made iOS games ever.


Articles, interviews and TV where I'm or one of my games is mentioned